Divorcing a Real Witch: the original conscious uncoupling

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Divorcing a Real Witch: for Pagans and the People that Used to Love Them by Diana Rajchel

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This book is for divorced Pagans everywhere, and for people that married these people who are still trying to figure out what the hell happened. It admittedly has an American Eclectic Wiccan bias. (Most Pagans will know what that means. Most non-Pagans will just sort of nod and then their eyes will glaze over.)

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About the Book

The Wiccan wedding ritual of handfasting often uses the language “so long as our love shall last.” It is intended to acknowledge that love changes and sometimes is meant to end. An ended marriage does not mean that it failed or that the people in it failed. Successful lessons do not always make for happy memories. In Wicca, love is viewed as a lesson. Part of that lesson involves recognizing when you have learned all that you can in this space, with this person.

Divorcing a Real Witch shares accounts cultivated from over 200 Pagans about divorces, short-term handfastings and how religious conversion affected their marriage or was fueled in the aftermath of divorce. These narratives are woven with the memoir of Rajchel’s own divorce at a socially disapproved age.  Facing a dearth of resources for someone in her position, Rajchel made her own way – and put together one possible path for others going through divorce at any age. While intended as a resource for Pagans it can provide inspiration for anyone of any religion in creating a path of ethical self-care.


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